Celebrating the magical nature of a powerful artist.

BINA + Frida Kahlo

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HANIA + Frida Kahlo

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The trailblazing Mexican artist Frida Kahlo said she painted her own reality. When she did, it was a world of colour, magic, passion and wild nature. Fuelled by her spirit, our Kipling X Frida Kahlo range captures her vibrant world of blooming florals and untamed adventure.

While Kahlo’s own life was never easy – she grew up amid the Mexican Revolution and suffered lifelong injuries from an accident – her creative vision often celebrated life. A ground-breaking feminist, she defined her own beauty standards and she remains a rallying point for women, empowering them to live life by their own rules to this day.

“I paint flowers so they will not die,” said Kahlo. They have found a new life on our range where nature is magical and art is strength.

We are proud to work with the legacy of an artist who elevated and empowered female energy.